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ADVENTURE CRAFT BLOG #57 Mer Armor, Deep Water Treasures and DOOM SCYTHES!

Hi! I have now implemented the Mer armor into the game and it is working really well. Check him out! He looks really mean! So marine like! Probably reeks of fish as well, which in itself can be a formidable weapon.

The Mer armor can be crafted by farming the Mer, a deadly species of amphibians that you can find lurking in watery areas of the game world. The Mer have a powerful melee attack and are not slowed when in water so dealing with them can be very challenging. Their attack can also blind you making all your attacks miss for a period.

A full set of Mer armor will allow you to a lot of cool things. First of all, the helmet will allow you to breathe in deep waters, this will allow you to reach the new treasure chests, and other objects that can now appear in deep water without drowning. Drowning will become a much greater threat in these areas in the next update so having a Mer Helmet will be essential to get the most out of areas like these.

Here's a look at the new deep water treasure chests! Trying to loot a chest in deep water without the Mer helmet will be very difficult because entering deep water triggers immediate drowning. Not to mention you will certainly have a pack Mer trying to kill you. The Mer shoes make allow you to move in water without a movement speed penalty.

ince I was working in the watery areas I also have updated the tile set so that dirt can transition to water, though this is still a work in progress.

The new tiles also make it possible for small dirt islands to appear in watery areas as well. Which tend to be covered in food sources or other items.

Also there is a new tool coming in the next update. The Scythe! A Scythe can be used to gather more wheat and also can be made into a DOOM SCYTHE if you have the right materials! The doom scythe is a powerful weapon that has the power to doom an enemy. Doomed enemies attract the grim reaper and will die at the end of a countdown regardless of the amount of health that they have.

Thanks for Reading

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