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Adventure Craft update 1.04 is HERE! New House Customizations, Home Defense Gameplay, Offline Mode a

Hi! We are happy to announce that 1.04 is now available for download! In this update we have added a bunch of new home customization items, new home defense gameplay, and more gameplay balancing. Here are the patch notes!

New House Customization Items

New items added to the Shops in the Home Customization Store

Paula's Plantlife (New Shop)

  • 10 new decorative plants

  • 2 new Floors

Bradlee's Place

  • 12 new beds

Muriel's Room

  • 6 new Decorative Furniture Items


  • 6 new Back Wall Decorations

  • 8 new Decorative Lamps

  • 4 new "Corner Lights"

  • 6 new Wall Decorations

  • 10 new Floors


  • 10 New Dinner Tables

  • 8 New Rugs

Gameplay and Content

  • Increased durability of all Armor Pieces by approximately 25%

  • Boars now have 30% chance to drop scrap on death.

  • Boar Carcasses now have chance to drop Boar Scrap

  • Increased Goblin Leather loot and scrap drops on Goblin and Goblin Heavy

  • Breaking an Iron Axe now results in a Broken Iron Axe that you can repair with scrap metal

  • Breaking an Iron Pickaxe now results in a Broken Iron Pickaxe that you can repair with scrap metal

  • Updated art on windows making them more visible when the sledgehammer is equipped

  • House windows are now transparent

  • Updated the art on player structures to better indicate exterior doors when outside of a structure

  • Getting close to a house window while outside will now reveal room interiors without going inside

  • Increased ATK power of Acorn Grenades from 20 to 40

  • Increased ATK power of Acorn Mines from 20 to 40

  • Friendly NPC's now more likely to follow players into a structure

  • Combat Knife now increases loot chance on skinnable animal carcasses the same as the hunting knife

  • Updated the descriptions on the boxing gloves as well as the punk fist

Home Defense Gameplay

Enemies now have the ability to "Detect" the player when they are hiding inside a structure and may try to force their way in. Detection is only possible when both the player and the enemy are within the "Detect Radius" of a Wall, Door or Window. The Detect Radius is different for each wall type.

Wall: Small Detect Radius

Door: Medium Detect Radius

Window: Large Detect Radius (The player can attack mobs and vice versa through windows. This allows the player to throw grenades out of the window to kill attacking mobs.)

If the player is detected, monsters will begin attacking the structure, damaging the walls. Players can cancel the aggro of monsters attacking a structure by exiting the structure, but detection will be renewed if players re-enter the structure and re-enter the detect radius that a mob is standing in.

Repairing Damaged Walls

The player can repair damaged wall simply by attacking the wall.

Currently walls have 1000 hit points

Each wall repair costs one oak log and will repair the wall approximately 25% of its total health.

NOTE: Windows cannot be repaired. They must be replaced.


  • Added a player status effects indicator above the armor meter of the HUD (useful when you are immortal inside of a crowd of enemies)

  • Added a no teleporters warning upon entering a tile map where teleporters are not allowed

  • Added Option to turn off Camera Shake

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Bug that made it difficult to select and move furniture

  • Fixed Bug that allowed lights inside structures to draw above the roof

  • Fixed Bug that messed up quick crafting when the inventory tab of a quick crafted item is full. Now the item can be crafted and will be dropped on the ground, allowing you to craft it and then make space in your inventory.

Offline Mode Now Enabled (Workaround)

We have received some complaints that the game is not playable in Steam's Offline mode. We have implemented some code so that should allow Adventure Craft to be played in Offline Mode for up to 3 days after the last time that the Steam Client has been online to check for the latest version of the game. Hope this helps.

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