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We continued working on the first type of cave system today and its all coming along nicely! The fun to be had down here is increasing everyday that we work on it!

One of my focuses today was to vary the walking paths to create some more "maze" like terrain.This makes for more exciting and terrifying situations! Here's an image of one of the results that we generated. It's lookin good! This is a shot of a whole map block with these maze-like settings applied. This is only one of the terrain arrangements that you will find in caves. There are also variations that are nearly solid and some that are nearly empty!

Lots of narrow paths, and dead ends get generated in these types of map blocks now, which makes things very interesting, often forcing you to fight... or run off a cliff into the deep dark abyss. As usual the choice is yours! These caves show NO MERCY to explorers who don't have a supply of emergency items like golden apples.

Here's an example of how emergency golden apples can come in handy. Look at that, I'm cornered but these vampire bats don't bother me at all. Nope.

Yeah more dead bats! They never learn! I also started putting in some of the loot stuff like these long dead explorers. You can loot their bodies and get pretty valuable stuff. He wasn't prepared. I was! And I have...ahem, developer invincibility turned on. Shhhhh...

Be careful completely smashing the remains. You may be surprised what happens when you deal the final smashing blow!

Lastly here's a look at one of the weapons that you can acquire from collecting fire crystals in caves.The Oak Fire Wand! It flings a fireball at your enemies that causes a HUGE knock back and also sets enemies on fire! Knocking a Dark Zombie into a crowd of his buddies with a fireball and watching the flames spread is pretty fun!

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