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Hi! We are now working on setting up the next update for pets in the game! Pet Commands and Evolution! We are starting by upgrading what can done with your initial pet attack dog, whom shall now on be referred to as "Cookie" as decided by the great YouTube Channel TewGen!

Pet Commands and Leveling up

Note: We are still in the middle of designing this, but this is the direction that we are going with it.

To level up and evolve, a pet must gain pet "experience points". A pet gains experience in two ways, Time passed and Enemies Killed. A pet gets 1 experience point for each day that passes, 1 bonus point for each enemy that it fights and 1 bonus point if it deals the killing blow.

A pet can LEVEL UP 6 times. Each level up unlocks a new "command" on the pet menu allowing more player control over what the pet is doing. Here is a shot of the current pet menu. Press a button to issue the command (we will also set hot up keys for these) The bars under each button will show your progress towards leveling up and unlocking the command.

The six commands that a pet can learn are...

Come: Causes pet to come to owner regardless of what it is doing.

Heel: Causes pet to follow player closely and stay beside him/her.

Stay: Causes pet to remain where it is until commanded otherwise.

Go/Attack: Allows you to send pet to a spot or attack a specified target.

Guard: Pet Defends a radius and will not leave that radius.

Power: Unleashes the Pet's Special Ability

Pet Evolution

Each time a pet gains TWO LEVELS it will automatically EVOLVE into a new form. Each Evolution changes the pet's appearance and increases it's statistics. Each Pet can evolve 3 times. Each form or evolution of a pet, has a different set of characteristics and probabilities that governs how it behaves.

(Base: Baby) 1 => Adolescent 2 => Mature 3 => Elder. Here is an image of a baby Cookie next to an Adolescent Cookie.

Each Pet will also have a Life Span so it will be important to level up the pet so that it has access to all of it's commands before the end of it's life. Pet lifespan will vary. When a pet reaches the end of it's life it will leave behind a "spirit" which is an item that can be used to enhance your next pet. More on that later...

We also plan on adding ways that you can lengthen the life of a pet. I'll post more on that later too!

Party Members

We have also started setting up NPC party members! These will be characters that you can befriend in a variety of ways and make them into "permanent" Adventuring companions! These guys for example have been tied up by Goblins. Free them and they will become your friends.

Once you have befriended them, you will be able to equip them with armor and weapons, and even create configure their behavior and tactics, similar to the gambit system in Final Fantasy 14.

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