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Build 1.01 Is HERE!

Hello Everyone! We are back to blogging again about developing Adventure Craft! We took a break during our Kickstarter and Greenlight campaign but know that both those things have ended, we will try to start posting development news on a more regular basis again!

The most recent news is that Adventure Craft has been "Greenlit" and will be made available on Steam!

This was huge news and we are really excited about it, so we are now working on completing the game's demo and then moving onto an Early Access build!

Build 1.01

We also recently released version 1.01 of the Pre-Alpha Demo which has lots of cool new additions and game content! Here are just a few of the new things that you will find in 1.01


Adventure Craft takes place in HUGE procedurally generated world and you never know what dangers may be lurking. To make traveling around it easier we have implemented teleporters that you can craft and deploy that allow fast travel. The key components are dropped by certain night creatures. Find them and you can create these devices!

New Shops!

We have added a new set of traveling merchants that you will discover in your travels! They sell everything from Shotgun ammo to food and potions. The shopkeepers are also powerful fighters and will defend you while you shop!

Loadout Swapping

You can now have a primary and secondary loadout so that you can switch fighting styles on the fly. Some of the armor in the game have special abilities like the rabbit suit which increases your speed! Now you can use them strategically in battle!

New NPC Friends!

You will now find new NPC's roaming the environment! They all have their own powers and some will even follow you around and try to help you out if you are in trouble! Below are a Wandering Mage, Cleetus and a girl Cos Playing Zoey from Left 4 Dead!

And LOTS more gameplay and UI adjustments! To see the full patch notes you can go here! Build 1.01 Changelog

Thanks for Reading

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