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Adventure Craft is coming to Steam Early Access July 6th!

Hi! We are very happy to announce that Adventure Craft will be coming to Steam Early Access on July 6th! Huge thanks to everyone who supported the game's Pre-Alpha demo.


Quick Crafting

You can now "quick craft" items that you have the ingredients and blueprints for with the touch of a button straight from the blueprints menu.

Clone New Party Members to fight with you

Craft a "Cloning Vat" and generate clones and mutants that will fight for you, heal you, or carry your extra stuff! Clones can be summoned when you need help or dismissed if you want to go it alone.

Configure Your Own Custom Party Member AI

Set your own party member AI through an easy "Target/Condition/Action" scripting system. This allows you to create clones focused on healing you and your party, tanking damage, etc.

Cave Systems

Massive Cave Systems full of highly dangerous monsters and other perils are now available to explore ... if you dare! It's always night time underground!

Character Customization

Create a unique custom hero from a variety of customization options.

Attack Dog Grows and Learns Commands

The pet attack dog now grows up over time, changing appearance and increasing in power! As it gains experience from fighting, it will also now learn commands which makes him/her much more effective in combat.

Improved Enemy Behaviors

A collection of new enemy behaviors has been added which allow monsters to do things like kite, deploy defensive items, transform themselves under certain conditions and more!

Enemy Base Builders

Some enemies now have the ability to begin building their own settlements by dropping down a "Headquarters" that will spawn additional builders and enemies. If left unchecked, these settlements can grow over time increasing enemy presence in an area!

Armor Upgrading

Armors now start off as BASIC and can be upgraded to REINFORCED and STRENGTHENED versions to increase their durability and effectiveness.

Grenades and other Throwable Weapons

Craft grenades that explode, or unleash swarms of bees and other creatures on your foes.

New tile maps and biomes

The world generation has been updated with new tile maps and biomes as well as updated objects and graphics for existing biomes.

New Enemies

Powerful new daytime and nighttime enemies now roam the world.

More Loot

A large variety of new weapons and items have been added to find and craft.

And we have MUCH MORE in store for the game after launch! We will be updating the game frequently!

Thanks for reading! If you want to stay up to date with Adventure Craft updates, you can follow us on Twitter @e2games or me personally @iENDERi

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