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ADVENTURE CRAFT Blog #59 Early Look at Caves

Hi! We have been working on the first of the caves/dungeon systems that will be in the Early Access version of the game. When wandering through the world you may find holes in the ground. If you have crafted a rope ladder you will be able to descend into them for a little good old fashioned spelunking!

The first thing that you will notice about caves is that it is always dark inside, so you will need to bring at least a flaming club so that you can see where you are going. Caves are INCREDIBILITY dangerous places, and the further that you venture inside, the more treacherous they become. They are full of strong monsters and various pitfalls like these dark holes. Running into a hole means instant death! Unless you have wings! (which you will be able to craft to get to unreachable areas) When multiplayer is implemented they will be a great place to have friends along.

So why would I want to go into such a dangerous place? Well I'm glad you asked that question! Along with the caves will come the implementation of "crystals" that you can mine. The vast majority of the crystals available will be found deep inside caves. The first type of crystals are "Fire Crystals". You will be able to place these into the slots of Wands to cast fireballs! Caves are also rich with other mineral resources like various ores. Great riches await anyone brave to get in and get out alive!

Since it's always dark inside caves you will face many of the demons that you see at night running around in strong numbers! Without the power of the sun to burn them they run free and just love welcoming guests!

There will also be animals, monsters, and bosses that you will only be able to find inside the cave systems like these vampire bats! One other cool thing I'll mention is that the cave system is built off of the same system as the over world so each cave that you enter will be virtually endless with crazy surprises for anyone able to get really far inside!

One last thing. You can build homes inside caves as well! That way you can safely place teleporters and have somewhere safe to fall back to! And that's just the beginning! What do you guys think?

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