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Update 1.01 is Now live!

Hi! We are happy to announce that Adventure Craft 1.01 is now live! Huge thanks to everyone who has provided feedback! Here are the patch notes. UPDATE 1.01 INTERFACE

  • Added "quick crush/combine" buttons to recipes in the recipe window. These buttons will appear above a recipe ingredient when you have the item and recipe that the ingredient is derived from, through cutting or crushing, in your inventory. Pressing the "quick cc" button will automatically process your materials so that you don't have to leave the recipe window as often when crafting

  • Added a search field to the recipe menu to filter the recipe list to help find recipes faster

  • The workbench crafting menu will now automatically be available if you are standing near a deployed workbench when you open the inventory

  • Added a "SHOW REPAIR" recipe toggle button. This button will toggle display of only REPAIR recipes in a category.

  • Added a "NEW" button to recipe menu. This button will toggle display of ONLY new recipes in a category


  • Added the ability to craft "trunk drawers" to trunks and weapon and equipment lockers which allows you to double or triple the storage space of these containers.

  • Added the trunk drawer recipe to drop from destroyed trees

  • Added deadly new full moon scenarios

  • Added punk scrap picks to Punk drops

  • Added "punk signage" object to badlands (drops nails when hit with pipe axe)

  • Added an Indicator to Punk Structures that require Pipe Pickaxe to destroy

  • Punk structures now drop nails when hit with a Pipe Pickaxe

  • Friendlies spawned from the "mysterious device" at the spawn will now attempt to kite enemies when they fight

  • Pipes and rusty wedges are now dropped by Punk House and HQ builders

  • Punk Builders now have the ability to change certain dead trees into "punk signage"

  • Dead trees (in the badlands) can now be destroyed with the pipe axe (they don't drop loot yet though)


  • Decreased the speed at which time passes slightly, creating a slightly longer day and night cycle

  • Decreased drop rate of clone inventory bags from golden chests

  • Decreased the durability of the "Call to Worship" from 25 to 20

  • Slightly decreased loot probability on boar carcasses when using the hunting knife

  • Increased enemy presence in caves

  • Increased the overall availability and drop rate of nails

  • Increased the spawn count of sugar cane in marshy areas

  • Increased the repair cost of a damaged "Call to Worship" from 2 to 5 Golden Syrup

  • Increased the repair cost of a completely broken "Call to Worship" to 2 golden ropes and 5 Golden syrup

  • Increased resistances to transformation attacks on stronger enemies

  • Increased Dark Zombies' attack poison chance from 25% to 35%

  • Increased Dark Monstrosity chase speed from 295 to 325

  • Increased Dark Monstrosity maximum simultaneous spawn from a Dark Zombie portal from 3 to 4

  • A Chomp's attack now has 25% chance to poion


  • Made optimizations to reduce cpu usage

  • Fixed bug where Mer would drop mer shoes as loot rather than the recipe.

  • Fixed bug where holy water was free in shops

  • Fixed bug on some blueprint drops that made them harder to see at night since they were being lit by the environment

  • Fixed a bug where clones could heal dogs with non dog items like potions

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