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ADVENTURE CRAFT BLOG #56 Goblin camp renovation, bosses, and new armor!

Hi! I have been reworking the Goblin Camps for the next update by adding a few things and changing how the area gets populated. Here is a before and after shot of the old and new Goblin Camps. This is still a work in progress but when its completed destroying a Goblin Camp will be a big challenge and a lot more fun.

Goblin Camps are now surrounded by Goblin stone walls and the objects inside get laid out a bit more naturally by the algorithm. There will also be a few more objects that are unique to this area that will be put in as well. But the biggest addition is the fact that Goblin Camps now have a large cave at their center.

And something really big mean and nasty will come out of it!

More on him in a future post!

​​Sometimes pools of water will be generated which you can use to lure in the smaller goblins to drown them.

Also I am taking the time to update the art on a couple of the existing goblin structures like the "Goblin House" The doors are now big enough for a Goblin Heavy to walk out of and features what the goblins consider AMAZING exterior decorating.

New Armors

I have been working on getting in a couple new armor suits. This is the Mer Armor which you will be able to craft by killing the Mer creatures that you can find near watery areas. This armor will allow you to walk in deep waters without drowning. This will allow you to access more content in those areas.

Is there a draft in here?

When making a piece of armor, I have to draw the piece to match each character frame. Here's an example of how many frames it takes to make a chest piece. The last two are its icon and broken icon.

Thanks for Reading

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