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Adventure Craft is a procedurally generated, open world, action RPG being developed for PC and iOS.


Hunt monsters, horde loot, and craft weapons and armor to survive in a vast, procedurally generated action RPG world full of extreme danger and wonderful surprises.




Game Features


  • EXPLORE a vast, virtually endless, procedurally generated world, featuring multiple biomes inhabited by their own wildlife and monsters

  • EXPERIENCE a full Day/Night cycle that constantly changes the gameplay experience based on the time of the day

  • DESCEND into a deep dark cave system full of extreme dangers, treasure and powerful monsters that fear the sun of the world above

  • CRAFT a large variety of weapons and equipment with lots of materials and loot

  • BUILD a home and customize it to fit your personality with decorations and furnishings

  • CREATE custom party members in a cloning vat and customize their AI through the AI creator

  • TRAIN a pet attack dog who grows and learns new abilities over time

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